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Reviews ( 11 )

  • Deshawn Edwards

    The Ragland Mortgage Group is an amazing job with assisting me through this process. The effective and efficient communication and meeting deadlines were phenomenal. The efficacy displayed was out of this world! I would recommend this group to anyone who is consider purchasing a home. Individuals cannot go wrong with this group.

  • David Browne

    I want to thank Loren for guiding my wife and I through our home buying process. He was very helpful with answering any questions we had,and there were many.We could feel his excitement as we got to the finish line of the purchase. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know who will be interested in a knowledgeable, professional,loan officer.

  • Kelvin Pryor

    Our experience with the Ragland group was awesome. Loren was very helpful and knowledgeable, what we really loved about Loren was that he was very patient with us throughout the process, we actually recommended other people to the Ragland group.

  • S P

    I always bring my clients to Loren at the Ragland group, and he always does all he can to get them a mortgage and the results that I need to get them in a home. He goes above and beyond for my clients and myself to make sure we have the type of mortgage we need and is always making sure I have the pre-approvals required to make the transactions run smoothly. I highly suggest Loren and the Ragland group when looking for your mortgage needs.

  • Angelita M. Jones

    I recommend The Ragland Mortgage Group to anyone who needs a loan. Just when Iwas ready to give up The Ragland Mortgage was not! They were sedulous in the pursuit of getting my loan approved.....and they did!